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ADI Study Pack- Add-On


ADI Study Pack- Add-On 0000078

ADI Study Pack - Add-On

What's Included?

  • Colourfile Professional- A Laminated & Wire Bound Visual Teaching Aid

Colourfile Professional

A4 colour diagram pages, encapsulated in a sturdy 250 micron laminated wire bound book, for durability and long life, packed with colour diagrams and easy to read and follow sections, also includes EDT lessons numbers, with pupil learning outcomes, instructor check lists /key questions and an area for additional instructor notes.


Cockpit Drill, Mirrors, Accelerator, Foot brake, Clutch, Steering, Blind Spots, Moving Off, Stopping, Approach Left, Approach Right, Emerging, Zones of Vision, Emergency Stop, Skidding, Giving Signals, Zebra crossings, Light-Controlled Crossings, Crossroads, Roundabouts, Mini-Roundabouts, Meeting Traffic (includes Adequate Clearance), Overtaking, Turn in the Road (Turnabout), Reverse Left, Reverse Right, Parallel Parking and Bay Parking, Motorway & Dual Carriageways, Crossing Dual carriageways, Spiral Roundabouts, One-Way streets, Protected Right Turn Junctions, Dual Carriageway and Motorway Lanes, also includes Irish road signs and markings

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