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driving instructor training

I completed my Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) training with Colm recently and qualified at the end of July thanks to Colm’s training. I chose Colm based on the quality information provided on his Website and the informative documentation he sent me prior to signing up. I found Colm’s style of coaching was very professional, and delivered in a calm and relaxed manner, always putting the needs of the pupil first. When required, Colm also challenges you in a constructive manner, and prompts you to think through problems yourself which ultimately leads to you having a better understanding of the particular subject matter. Colm’s years of experience and on-going continuous professional development makes him an outstanding Driving Instructor. For all the reasons outlined above, I would highly recommend Colm to others.

Valerie Brennan

ADI No. 40457

driving instructor training

Colm came highly recommended from quite a few people when I was looking for someone to guide me through the stage 3 ADI process. His teaching style was fantastic, I felt able to process all the information easily without feeling overwhelmed or confused. His advice was spot on and I followed his advice to the letter and subsequently got a very high mark on the exam which I attribute completely to his teaching method. I would advise anyone seeking any sort of driving training to reach out to Colm Branigan. You won’t regret it.

Brian Grant

Newly Qualified ADI

driving instructor training

I have just become a qualified ADI and I couldn’t have done it without Colm’s help. Extremely knowledgeable and patient, he was able to get me through my 3 stages. He sets up his lessons in a way that are engaging and interesting and I never felt one bit nervous while working with him. I highly recommend Colm to anyone who is thinking about becoming a driving instructor as I believe he will be able to help anyone become qualified. Thanks Colm

Sean Deane

Newly Qualified ADI

driving instructor training

I trained with colm in 2017 to become a driving instructor. He was AMAZING and very supportive. If it wasn’t for Colm’s tuition, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I am now running my own successful driving school and I can honestly say it’s down to him!! He helped me and still helps me if I have any questions! I have done several two hour sessions with Colm since qualifying to update my knowledge and it is always extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend Colm to anyone who is interested in becoming a driving instructor.

Erica Fitzpatrick

ADI No. 39062

driving instructor training

Right from my first session with Colm, I was reassured that this was the new career for me. I felt with Colm’s assistance I could be ready for the exams and forge out a career. I think it was Colm’s relaxed, thought provoking, adaptive teaching style that told me this was the trainer for me. My own self-doubts were gradually turned into positivity as the next few weeks went by. When exam time came I felt ready and passed convincingly on the first attempt. Colm has been a guiding influence in helping me find my feet. He has always been readily available to offer clarity or advice based on his experiences within the industry which have stood me in really good stead. My new career as a driving instructor is flexible, highly rewarding and very gratifying. I look forward to continuing my development and experience in the future with Colm’s help. Derek Verso

ADI No. 38295

driving instructor training

Upon deciding to become a Driving Instructor, I simply googled the process and every time Colm Branigan’s name came up top of Google listings. I immediately thought, this man is a professional and knows what he is doing. I emailed him and he replied within the hour offering to meet for a chat, which in turn led to my training with him. Colm is the ultimate professional, he has a very calm and methodical way of teaching. His approach is a coaching style of training and delivered in a manner which allows interaction and very useful feedback. He was very supportive, encouraging and positive during my training and always ready and available to answer any questions or queries I had. He explained everything clearly and thoroughly at all times and has an incredible knowledge of the driving profession which he imparts in an easy to understand method of teaching. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to become a driving Instructor or anyone looking for driving lessons. I qualified as an ADI with 93% result and have not looked back since all thanks to Colm’s exceptional training. Samantha King

ADI No. 39521

driving instructor training

I chose Colm Branigan for driving instructor training because he came highly recommended from a well established driving school and I was not disappointed. I have recently passed my stage 3 ADI exam due to the excellent level of coaching and training I received from Colm. He is an excellent advocate for safe and responsible driving with a quality of teaching that surpasses all expectation. I would  highly recommend Colm as an instructor, trainer and coach. Natasha Moore

Newly Qualified ADI

driving instructor training

I chose Colm following some research online for suitable instructors who train and coach new Driving instructors. I found his teaching style to be a revelation and have adapted it into my teaching. His style encourages the pupil to participate and identify their own shortfalls. I would certainly recommend Colm for his patience, unique style and experience. Stephen O'Brien

ADI No. 39942

driving instructor training

I recently had sessions with Colm Branigan to prepare me for the Stage Three Instruction Ability Test for the ADI. He was highly recommended to me by a friend. The sessions were hugely beneficial to me in my preparation for the test. I did the test at the Rathgar Test Centre. I have to say that I found the role play difficult but the practice I had with Colm paid off. I got through the test reasonably well and I was over the moon when I got the letter in the post from the RSA about 10 days later stating “Passed”. I got 80.5 marks out of 100 which I was delighted with. A lot of credit to Colm as I don’t think I would have passed first time without his very professional help. Stephen Gavin

ADI No. 37998

driving instructor training

I chose Colm Branigan because of the great reviews online. His style of teaching is both inspiring and extremely effective. He listened carefully to me and paid real attention to my training needs. His coaching approach meant that tonnes of learning took place and I use many of his methods in my own lessons, with great results. He has a great way of getting the learner to help themselves, which makes my job as an instructor so much more effective and enjoyable. I would highly recommend him for any ADI no matter how experienced. Exceptional trainer. Tom McCoy

ADI No. 36209

driving instructor training

I would just like to thank you for your help with my ADI training. I was really prepared for the tests after your lessons. The only problem I have is thinking about all the money I wasted with one of your competitors. I will recommend you to anyone I know who is becoming an ADI. I will give you a call when my check test is coming up for a refresher lesson. Des Ward

ADI No. 37417

driving instructor training

I was looking for a person, who could inspire, challenge and support me on my new journey to becoming a qualified driving instructor. I found a fantastic teacher, experienced coach and a warm person in Colm Branigan. Colm didn’t put me into a “ready to use” plan, or box me into a universal learning style that fits all. Not at all – he let me think in my way, at my pace, giving me plenty of time and options to choose from. He was very professional, calm, relaxed and detailed. His coaching style fitted my learning style perfectly. That’s not all! Colm also trained me to become an advanced driver. I passed my first ROSPA advanced driving test at GOLD standard. Then, thanks to Colm’s support I became a ROSPA Advanced Driving Instructor and one year later a Riding Instructor. It was a good few years ago when I made the right phone call to the right person, who perfectly fulfilled my needs and expectations. Now years later, I can still remember our conversations. He supported me in my learning process from the very first minute we met. Now I am working as a driving instructor helping other drivers to fulfill their dreams. I would recommend Colm Branigan to anyone who is looking for a professional, experienced and calm teacher and coach. If you are planning to become an ADI, there is no better person to ring and meet than Colm Branigan. Rafal Rybacki

ADI No. 37948


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